There is a rather upcoming trend of githubbers maintaining an ama repo. It is a single repository where anyone in the world can ask you anything. I find it awesome in that you can learn from inspiring people without having to buy an over-priced ticket to some damn talk where you do not even get to ask a question. The concept is rich.

But the one thing that sucks is browsing the questions. For people like me using a slow machine with a slow network connection (if you want to build fast applications, use a slow computer :smile:) prefer terminal applications rather than fancy but memory-consuming Chrome-like browsers.

So I spent a day, learning about blessed, a terminal interface API for Node.js and ended up building issue-explorer. It is a terminal application that lets you traverse Github issues from your terminal.

issue explorer working

See an updated Asciicast (nicer GIF)

Well, it is not shiny yet, but it works!

To install it, you will require npm (just install Node.js it ships together):

$ npm install issue-explorer --global

Now to visit the patient-zero (original) AMA:

$ issue-explorer all sindresorhus/ama

You can still use it in your day-to-day programming. Say you are in a repository and you want to see the open issues:

$ issue-explorer open

Now that makes life simpler!

I am continuously making the application better. Go give the repository a star to keep awake at night! Also you will find more how-to instructions there. So do you think it is useful?