DEJ Technology GmbH

Boasting 6 years delivering over 10 products in the German (EU) market. Playing multiple roles across different teams in a growing startup. Working fully remote and collaborating with a global team across Africa and Europe.


A mobile/web platform that collects traffic data to help commuters while transiting around Kenya. Worked across the entire platform, including the API backend, web app and mobile app. Some of my other work on this project, such as the Node.js SDK, can be found on the Ma3Route Github org (


  • A Fancy, Higher-Level Wrapper for Telegram Bot API
  • An easy way to test your REST JSON API, using Mocha
  • Make your functions arguments an actual array
  • BitcoinAverage NodeJS Client
  • A Simple Capped Queue for Node.js Applications
  • My take on simple output for Node.js command-line apps!
  • Make an object immutable! Just that! No more crap!
  • Simple, Super-powered File Push, over FTP/SFTP
  • A Basic Terminal Utility App to check if my favorite services and other things are up and running
  • Explore Github issues from your terminal.
  • A Node.js module for concatenating JSON files and objects
  • Terminal Client for the Ma3Route REST API v2
  • A command-line utility for showing dependencies from a project's package.json in a fashionable way.
  • Telegram Bot API for NodeJS
  • Do Check If My Page Is UP
  • load random comic strips from in your webpage
  • A simple command-line application that lets you add short notes and retrieve them later in an easy and fast way.
  • A Python helper library for Firebase.
  • An Abstraction of SQL variants
  • Blackhole, The Backup Utility
  • Minimal C Standard Library
  • Push, Shift and Revolve with your Items File
  • Let's you run C scripts, as though they were Python, Ruby, etc.
  • A small Shell framework that helps make writing bash scripts less sucky, by promoting modularity as much as possible.
  • Some fancy Bash aliases
  • Defines transfer alias and provides easy command line file and folder sharing using
  • A pushbullet daemon; for pushing notifications from your system
  • A mozilla firefox addon that lets you add iconic links to your addon bar
  • Argument Parsing MUST be simple!